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Image Overlap Estimator

For UAV based data capture

Image Overlap Estimator Tool

Quickly checking for complete mapping coverage of an area can be challenging!


Using this image overlap estimator, you can get an estimate of the areas with complete image mapping capture, along with any areas that have sub-optimal image overlap.


We've made this tool available for all UAV pilots!

Three easy steps: 

  1. Enter your flight altitude.

  2. Select "Image Locations" or "Image Footprints"

  3. Drag and drop images or select an entire folder.

Once you select the folder or drop the images into the browser, the process will begin automatically.


  • If the system seems to be glitching, refresh the browser and try again.

  • Cameras supported at this time are DJI and Micasense systems with JPG or TIFF files.

  • Other file types are added weekly.

  • Data sets over 2,000 images may take extra processing time, but speed is based on your hardware capabilities.

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