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Ortho Mapping

Modern technology mapping your world


Orthographic Land Mapping is one of the services our company offers. Using large UAV's, we can capture data covering any size acreage, and export in a variety of formats. Our wide range of deliverables include: Color-coded Topographical maps, Orthomosaics, and Contour Line Maps. From 60 to 60,000 acres, we can take on any size project.

Common Applications:

  • Pipeline route maps

  • Topographical section maps

  • Multispectral plant and crop health maps

  • Visual section maps

  • Environmental surveys

  • Right-of-way inspection

  • Environmental impact site record

  • Quickly and easily identify potential sites, locations, and routes using our topographical maps.

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Large scale and current surface imaging provides valuable insight which is important to aid in executing efficient operational decisions. Using our UAV systems, we capture data with extreme detail and precision. Licensed survey exports are available, as we integrate with various survey experts across the US.

Aerial Inspection Benefits:

  • Aerial site and structure mapping

  • Accurate topographical data for site plans

  • Rapid situation assessment for site emergencies

  • Elevation models are color-coded to assist in rapid identification of ideal locations for development and pipeline routes.

  • High resolution imagery

  • Accurate vegetation mapping

  • Resource planning optimization

  • Precisely repeatable surveys

  • Up to 30% cost savings on crop growing expenses

  • Immediate deliverables*

 *Most data delivered not later than 48 hours after capture complete. 


Safety Benefits

  • Increased safety with the reduction of personnel exposure to hazardous elements

  • Less ground crew risk


  • We provide a customized solution based on predefined client requirements.

  • Fast, accurate information that is exported as workable data

  • Export into Procore

  • JPEG, PNG, GeoTiff, OBJ, and many other GIS compatible file types

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Rocklin, CA 95677

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