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Petroleum Energy

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Aerial Imaging Technology specializes in performing regular maintenance inspections,

as well as aerial data collection for all sectors of the petroleum energy industry. We are fully equipped

and trained to perform even the most exacting inspections, in any climate or weather condition.

Common Applications:

  • Pipeline Inspection

  • Topographical and Visual Section Mapping

  • Pump Station Temperature / Condition Monitoring

  • Refinery Infrastructure Inspection

  • Natural Gas Compression Stations

  • Environmental Surveys

  • Right-of-way Inspection

  • Tank Level Verification

  • Waterway Pollution

  • Gas Leak Detection

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Aerial Inspection Benefits:

  • Aerial site and structure mapping

  • Accurate topographical data for site plans

  • Hi-resolution 3D structural models

  • Thermal inspection

  • Faster and more detailed pipeline inspections

  • Rapid situation assessment for site emergencies

  • High resolution imagery

  • Visual defect identification

  • 100% inspection coverage

  • High rise structure insulation inspection for heat loss prevention

  • Structural health inspection (e.g. corrosion, metal fatigue)

  • Live streaming monitoring of ongoing complex operations

  • Localization of structural cracks and failures

  • Gas or liquid leakage detection for sensitive infrastructure (e.g. pipes, containers, etc.)

  • Close-up inspection of tall tanks, towers, and other areas that are difficult to reach

  • Measurement and reference of identified anomalies

  • Set-up cost reduction and faster inspection time

  • More efficient allocation of highly skilled labor

  • Short notice flexibility 

  • Resource planning optimization

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Oil Refinery and

Storage Tank Inspection

Using the most cutting edge aerial platforms, paired with advanced visual, laser, and thermal sensors, we identify critical issues such as: Gas leakage, solar loading, water accumulation, petroleum leakage, and areas that are potentially
susceptible to dangerous corrosion.

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Flare Stack and

Chimney Inspection

Implementing a UAV to perform regular maintenance inspections eliminates the need for rope access and scaffolding to identify cracks and anomalies.

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We search for gas and oil leaks as well as other common pipeline failures using advanced thermal imaging and high definition optical sensors.

Safety Benefits

  • Increased safety with the reduction of personnel exposure to hazardous elements

  • Less ground crew risk

  • Decreased injury risk associated with personnel working at heights


  • We provide a customized solution based on predefined client requirements.

  • Fast and accurate information that is exported as workable data.

  • Export into Procore

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