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Industrial Inspections

Modern technology providing a safer tomorrow


Industrial Infrastructure Inspection is just one of many services our company provides.

Using UAVs for infrastructure inspection and monitoring represents significant advantages in regards to condition monitoring and maintenance planning. Drones are a perfect solution because they make those hard-to-reach areas very accessible at minimal risk. They also offer great flexibility for wide area coverage with a lower cost. Our remotely piloted, multi sensor aerial platforms make infrastructure inspection efficient and highly effective.

Common Applications:

We provide detailed visual inspection, 3D mapping, and thermal imaging of most industrial infrastructure including:

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Factories

  • Power Plants

  • Storage Tank Farms

  • Flat roofs

  • Transmission Lines

  • Power Substations

  • High-Rise Towers (Radio antenna, Cell towers, Light towers, ect.)


Aerial Inspection Benefits:

  • Aerial site and structure mapping

  • Hi-resolution 3D structural models

  • Thermal inspection

  • Visual defect identification

  • High rise structure insulation inspection for heat loss prevention

  • Gas or liquid leakage detection for sensitive infrastructure (e.g. pipes, containers, etc.)

  • Close-up inspection of towers and other areas that are difficult to reach with standard methods.

  • Structural health inspection (e.g. corrosion, metal fatigue.)

  • Live streaming monitoring of ongoing complex operations

  • Localization of structural cracks and failures

  • Measurement and reference of identified anomalies

  • Set-up cost reduction and faster inspection time

  • Fewer cherry pickers and scaffoldings

  • More efficient allocation of highly skilled labor

  • Short notice flexibility 

  • Accurate topographical data for site plans

  • Rapid situation assessment for site emergencies

  • High resolution imagery

  • Resource planning optimization

  • Immediate deliverables*

*Most data delivered not later than 48 hours after capture complete. 


Safety Benefits

  • Increased safety with the reduction of personnel exposure to hazardous elements

  • Less ground crew risk


  • We provide a customized solution based on predefined client requirements.

  • Fast, accurate information that is exported as workable data

  • Export into Procore

  • JPEG, PNG, GeoTiff, OBJ, and many other GIS compatible file types

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